Socks, socks and socks

Knitting socks is something you love or hate. It’s a marmite kind of thing. Some people don’t  see the point, others become converts once they’ve worn them, and others want to knit nothing else. 

I taught myself to knit socks top down many years ago using a little key ring kit. I was a novice knitter and didn’t know they were supposedly difficult. Since then I’ve knitted a pair every now and again, and for a brief period I knitted socks at the pace of a pair a week when I travelled to work by bus. 

I recently won a skein of yarn in an Instagram giveaway. The dyer was Dyeforewe. The skein was soft and squishy. I have started using small needles (9″ I think). For some reason socks seem to go so much faster on these rather than double pointed needles and I’ve completed these: 

I’m really pleased for a variety of reasons. 

1) I didn’t have to pay for the yarn 

2) It was gorgeous to knit with 

3) The needles mean that there are no jogs or uneven tension as there are no breaks between needles. I love these socks. 
I think I can happily say that my sock mojo has returned. Next challenges are toe up construction and more heavily patterned designs. What sort of socks do you like knitting? Any patterns you’d recommend? 


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