Knitting? In this heat?

It’s 4th of July. Here in England we’re experiencing one of our hottest ever summers on record. Here in my little corner of the North, I’m back with a passion, knitting and spinning in readiness for the local annual summer agricultural show. I know I’m mad, but when you’ve got the mojo, you need to roll with it, right?

I’ve been ill lately, firstly with shingles, and subsequently with a stomach virus. Ugh, they certainly helped my crafting mojo to disappear, and although I’m not 100% just yet, at least my crafting mojo’ back.
So here are the latest offerings: 

The Curlew Hat has been designed by a lady called Linda Shearer to support the RSPB’s Curlew Crisis Month. It was a lovely (reasonably) quick knit – in my experience, colour work slows me down quite a bit. I’m not sure whether or not to add a Pom Pom. What do you think? If I was to add a pompom, what colours should I use?  

My second offering is some spinning: it’s Rambouillet fibre. Rambouillet has its origins in Spanish merino back in the 1700s. This fibre I bought pre prepared by a dyer who is no longer dyeing. 

It will eventually be Navajo (3)plied.  I like this method as it makes my yarn more consistent in its appearance, and also I’m not a great fan of the ‘barber pole’ twist effect often seen in spinning – it’s personal choice I guess. I’ve got some art yarn to make too, which means I ought to get a wriggle on!

My last offering today is a shawl I’m making. I’m combining some lovely Semilla extra fino 100% organic yarn from BC Garn with a skein of handyed yarn from Green Lambkin Yarn which is on her sparkly sock base. I’ve  come to love Danish wool ever since I bought some ‘Onion’ yarn from Amy at the Freehold Yarn Company when they first opened. The sparkly yarn was never destined to be socks…..

My most recent purchase was a pair of scissors from the Ernest Wright Company. They are little craft scissors, ideal for having in your sewing basket, or knitting notions pouch. These are Sheffield steel and I heard that the company has recently closed down. I hate it when traditional manufacturers like these disappear from our landscape. In our current economic and ecological climates, I believe that it’s a great loss to everyone when these craftspeople disappear. 

The agricultural show is on in just over 9 days time. Let’s keep my fingers crossed that I manage to finish my items and I’ll update you really soon on whether I win any prizes!


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