Winter Blues

I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about winter. On the one hand, it’s knitting weather, which is a good thing, but on the other hand, there are less hours of daylight and sometimes there’s very little of that, depending on the weather. I’m not saying I have seasonal affective disorder, but I do find my mood is affected by the weather and seasons. 

This year seems to be slightly different however. I’ve joined a group over on Facebook who are knitting and crocheting temperature blankets. The group is formed of the association of independent yarn shop owners and also their customers. The idea is that we all make a blanket which records the temperature for 12 months. It’s up to each individual crafter to decide what rules they set up for it.  

My blanket rules are as follows:

  • Garter stitch
  • 2 rows per day
  • Divide each month by eyelet rows in grey
  • White = below zero degrees Celsius 
  • Blue = 1-5 degrees Celsius
  • Purple = 6-10 degrees Celsius
  • Green = 11-15 degrees Celsius

January segment looks like this. I’m loving the daily excitement of reading the temperature and adding more rows. The time I read the temperature isn’t always the same – it’s just when I sit down to knit that particular day. The funny thing is many of the group, me included, find ourselves wishing for colder weather, just to have a change in colour on our blankets. 

I’m thinking of doing another one of the year I was born, just to see the effects of global warming. You can get data online from the Met Office in the UK. It’s quite an amazing what records are kept!  It might be some time before I get started though because I have too many WIPs (works in progress) to start anything new.


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