Norwegian Knitting

As many of you who watch the podcast know, I’m trying out colour work, and specifically Norwegian mittens . I was inspired by Eli from the Skeindeer Knits podcast. She has designed a mitten club called the Selbu Mitten Club, and I’m currently trying to knit a pattern from her collection called the Mebonden mittens. 

I’m on my third attempt, having frogged the previous two incarnations. My first problem was not knowing that when you read charts, if you’re knitting in the round, you only read from right to left. Enter frog number 1. I also decided that the yarn I was using wasn’t right, so I changed from a Blacker yarns DK to a Rowan. 

I have a short attention span and am easily distracted. Enter frog 2 because I got it all wrong and lost my place. 

I’m currently on version 3. The yarn is better. WYS Aire in white and Peer Gynt in red. I’ve lost the white Peer Gynt! 

Frog Number 1 – no discernible pattern. 

Starting again. 

Attempt 3 – the pattern now looks something like it should. 

The plan is between now and my 60th birthday, to learn as many new knitting skills as possible. I want to learn double knitting, brioche, steeking and I’m sure I will find a few more skills to learn. Now I know the basics of colour work, I plan to knit a coloured yoke sweater and then I can learn to steek at the Knit Tea Retreat I’m booked onto this time next year (if I’m allocated that class of course! ) For those of you that are curious, I’m 60 in 2021. I think it’s an achievable target. Let’s see! 


2 Replies to “Norwegian Knitting”

  1. It’s looking good. It’s many years since I’ve done any colourwork, perhaps I should challenge myself to do some this year, we’ll see.

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