Episode 45 – one grey Sunday afternoon…

Hi, welcome or welcome back! It’s been a few weeks of birthdays, George’s first, my Dad’s 80th and as I podcast, my eldest daughters 36th birthday. Each year seems to come round faster and faster. 

This week I show you my linen top, George’s owlet jumper and Rachael’s Boxy jumper designed by Joji Locatelli. I also show you my latest spinning that will be available to purchase in the Knatters Knits shop.

I talk about some inspiration from Instagram, the goldfish jumper by Tincan Knits. This was being knit by a lady called Mimi Codd. It inspired me so much, that I ordered the yarn and bought the pattern immediately – not something I often do! 

I’m opening a thread or two on the Knatters Knits ravelry group to discuss knitting resources and podcasts. Do drop in and share what you’ve found useful.

Georges Owlet Jumper
No rainbows without rain dyed by Kralalien from Colourful Creativity. 

George on a trip to see his Great Grandad who was 80 this week!


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